The pocket-friendly lightshow that brings your music to life

Whether you want to enhance the mood at your next party, create wearable tech to show off at a music festival, or just make your gaming room pop, you can do it quickly and easily with Animus.

Animus was designed to be quickly and easily installed into everything from cars to camelbacks with no fuss and no specialized electrical knowledge. All you need is a smartphone, some WS2812b LEDs. and you're ready to create a dazzling lightshow.

Under the Hood

What makes Animus unique

Small Form Factor


We designed animus to be small enough to fit in your pocket. This makes it easy to build it into all kinds of projects from custom desks and infinity tables, to wearables for music festivals. We've installed Animus units in Cars, Mixers, Rave hoods, and totems. Because it's so small, it also makes it easy to take it with you on the go. Power the light show at your pre-party, then when the cab rolls up, unplug it and toss it in your rave hood to wear at the actual show.

Low Power Consumption


With wearables and other custom projects in mind from day one, we made sure Animus is low power so it won't take a heavy toll on your battery pack. We've run Animus continuously for over 6 hours with a string of 150 LEDs and our light weight, pocket sized battery packs were still holding plenty of juice!

Animus can be powered either by battery pack for portable projects, or from any standard North American wall outlet.

Customizable Patterns


Animus will ship with over 25 different patterns and has been designed with the future in mind; quick and easy firmware updates provided through the website allow us to add more patterns and features as the community grows and finds new uses for Animus! All of these patterns can be customized within the app to change colors, pattern speeds, music reactivity and more. Whatever your taste in music, with a little creativity you can tweak the Animus pattern library to suit the mood.

Uncomplicated, Unrivaled


We've looked at dozens of products claiming to deliver the functions we've built into Animus, but none of them have measured up. We've built in our dream features of power and customization, delivered in an intuitive way through a simple, and free to download, smartphone app. Whenever you have your phone, you have control of Animus.