About Us

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Revontulet Technologies is an Edmonton based electronics company committed to simplifying the process of incorporating high quality electronics into your projects

We are electronics enthusiasts who have never settled for "what's available". The kind of people who are always tweaking and customizing our computers and cars, creating custom apps and firmwares for our phones, and building custom electronics for every hobby project we can think of.

However, we know that not everyone has the time to break out the soldering iron and make custom boards for every hobby project they dream up. That's why we created Animus. To allow even those without the time, or the electronics knowledge, to incorporate amazing light shows into their projects. With a simple plug and play device that still offers the ability to endlessly tweak and customize your patterns, you can light up almost any project you can think of in minutes and without any headaches (or solder fumes!).

Our Team

  • Patrick Brown
  • Angus Cheung
  • Devin Headrick