Update: Keeping Busy

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Despite the world coming to near standstill with the recent lockdowns, the crew here at RevonTech has been working hard tweaking and refining the animus and associated Android/iOS Apps, although we have recently acquired a new 3D printer and we are excited to show you our first ‘real’ print job - An animus- integrated lamp! The standard WS2812 led strips we have grown so fond of slide nicely into ridges along the spine of the light, while the base features a small opening to tuck the animus neatly away. How cool is that !?

This wonderful little project serves as a perfect example of the capabilities of the animus and the scope of projects that can be easily modified to incorporate amazing LED lighting by makers and tinkerers of all skill levels. Whether you are hoping to light up your rave gear for the next big upcoming show, you want some cool underglow for that new gaming PC rig you just set up, or you want to 3D print a neat little lamp for your significant other - the animus does it all.

Animus Lamp

Music Festivals - RevonTech Art

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We've been working hard to prepare for the Kickstarter launch, but that's not the only thing we've been up to for the past month!

RevonTech was proud to provide lighting to the latest Ting event, and would like to give a huge thank you to the guys at Future Roots for letting us show off our tech. We should have pictures to share in the gallery soon!

We are also very excited to be building an art installation to tour a few Alberta festivals this summer. We will post an update on when and where you can check it out once we finalize the details but in the mean time here's a quick GIF mock up we made to show promoters what we will be building.

The Aurora Borderwallis

Update: App Development

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Just a quick update on the status of the Android/iOS apps. Development is continuing to move at a steady pace. The Android development was stalled out for a few weeks, but we finally found time to get together and port a lot of the functionality of the iOS apps over and we're confident that things will move more quickly from this point forward. We're looking good to have both apps release ready before the summer is over!

Here's a little teaser video of some screencapped footage from the iOS app just to show you where things are at currently:

Kickstarter Preparations

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Preparations are underway to launch our Kickstarter campaign and show off Animus to the world. The firmware for the device is in a "ready for release" state (though I daresay it will never be considered "finished" as we are always looking at ways to improve it). Likewise, the iOS app is in it's beta state and is currently undergoing friends & family testing before we move into a more open beta format.

We anticipate the Kickstarter launch will occur in the first half of March, but will post more details once we officially lock down a date. We are looking at either March 8, or 15 but it all depends on how fast we can get our marketing and promo material ready for public eyes. Stay tuned!

Hello World!

From a tiny spark, the show begins

We've been working hard for the past few months to bring Animus to the world stage. We are excited to have the website live and be able to share more details about the project with you soon!